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Paper: Spectral Imaging of Cas A using XMM-Newton EPIC MOS
Volume: 262, The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Page: 309
Authors: van der Heyden, K.; Bleeker, J.; Kaastra, J.; Willingale, R.; Vink, J.
Abstract: The large effective area of XMM-Newton coupled with the high surface brightness of Cas A ensures spectra of high enough quality to analyse this young supernova remnant at a pixel by pixel level. We present results of a two component Non-Equilibrium Ionisation model fit to the Cas A EPIC MOS spectra extracted from a spatial grid of 20"X20" pixels, commensurate with the point spread function of the telescope over the full energy range. Our analysis allows us to derive unique, self consistent maps of the temperature distribution, the ionisation age, the absorption measure and several element abundance's over the remnant. We are also able to map Doppler shifts of the bright and well resolved Si K, S K and Fe K emission lines over the face of Cas A, which display considerable dynamical differences between the Si/S emitting stellar ejecta and the Fe-K emitting plasma.
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