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Paper: Chandra Observations of Diffuse Emission in M31
Volume: 262, The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Page: 147
Authors: Dosaj, A.; Garcia, M.; Forman, W.; Jones, C.; Kong, A.; di Stefano, R.; Primini, F.; Murray, S.
Abstract: We examine seven Chandra ACIS-I observations centered on the nucleus of M31. Recent Chandra [1] and XMM results [2] have shown evidence of diffuse emission and have shown this emission to be softer than the point sources present in the nucleus. We also see a gradient in the hardness ratio with respect to radius in the diffuse emission. We will report on spectral fits to the diffuse emission (after point sources have been removed) in order to constrain the emission mechanism. We will also compare this to a few representative point sources in the nuclear region. These fits should provide some insight into the origin of this diffuse emission.
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