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Paper: X-ray Emission of Dwarf Galaxies: I Zw 18
Volume: 262, The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Page: 141
Authors: Bomans, D. J.; Weis, K.
Abstract: With their generally low metallicity and shallow potential wells, low mass galaxies are special laboratories for the interplay between gas and stars. Even moderate star formation events effect large parts of the host system and outflows of warm and hot gas with freshly produced metals appear to be relatively common. The cooling rate of the hot gas in the outflows should be depressed as effect of the low metallicity. While the study of the creation and transport of the hot gas and the interaction between hot and colder gas needs X-ray data, relatively little data are available in the literature. Here we present CHANDRA and ROSAT data of low mass galaxies together with optical data (from HST and VLT) to look into the details of creation and transport of hot, possibly metal-enriched gas on its way out of the host galaxy.
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