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Paper: High Resolution X-ray Imaging of Starforming Galaxies (abstract only)
Volume: 262, The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Page: 139
Authors: Ward, M.
Abstract: Of the many classes of X-ray source, star forming galaxies are one that benefits greatly from high resolution imaging. This is because of their multi-component nature, consisting of both extended emission from winds and X-ray heated bubbles, as well as several distinct point source components. I will illustrate these properties using recent Chandra observations nearby examples eg. M82, NGC253 and Circinus, a medium distance example; the Antennae system and a more distant example; NGC3256. These examples show the diversity of their X-ray properties, and raise important questions such as the nature of the so-called super-Eddington sources, whose local interstellar environments have recently been probed using optical integral field techniques. Links between the X-ray source populations and quantitative starformation related parameters are now beginning to emerge.
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