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Paper: Chandra Observations of O Stars
Volume: 262, The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Page: 69
Authors: Waldron, W. L.; Cassinelli, J. P.
Abstract: We discuss our HETG observational results and modeling efforts for two O stars, Zeta Orionis and Zeta Puppis. A variety of X-ray emission lines are observed as their associated ionic identifications indicate a range in HWHM of 600 - 1600 km/s. Several Doppler blue-shifted line profiles are observed which provides the clearest and most direct evidence that the X-ray sources are distributed throughout the stellar wind. Further confirmation for a wind distribution of X-ray sources comes from our analysis of He-like fir lines (S XV, SiXIII, MgXI, MeIX, and O VII). We discuss how the UV radiation sensitivity of the He-like fir lines can be used to determine the radial distribution of these He-like ions. We also find evidence that some of the observed X-ray emission may originate very close to the stellar surface which is contrary to standard wind shock models. preliminary results from our modeling efforts to fit these X-ray line profiles and the model constraints imposed by the data are presented.
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