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Paper: Spatial Heterogeneity of Short-lived Isotopes in the Solar Accretion Disk and Early Solar System Chronology
Volume: 341, Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk
Page: 588
Authors: Gounelle, M.; Russell, S.S.
Abstract: On a log-log 53Mn vs 26Al graph, not all meteoritic data plot on a single synchronicity line deduced from the radiaoctive decay law. This suggests that 26Al and 53Mn might not have been homogeneously distributed in the early Solar System as is often assumed. The discrepancy is especially prominent for CAIs and chondrules. This suggests that the scale for homogenization was larger than the CAI-chondrule scale, supporting chronology models based on the assumption that 26Al and 53Mn were heterogeneously distributed in the early Solar System. We present results of such a model and discuss its implications for early Solar System processes.
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