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Paper: Meteoritic Constraints on Temperatures, Pressures, Cooling Rates, Chemical Compositions, and Modes of Condensation in the Solar Nebula
Volume: 341, Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk
Page: 373
Authors: Petaev, M.I.; Wood, J.A.
Abstract: Monotonic, equilibrium condensation of nebular materials from a chemically homogeneous solar nebula is unlikely. Condensation of nebular gas was quite rapid, resulting in significant deviations from chemical equilibrium between condensed phases and the residual gas. A few primitive nebular components condensed from a gas of solar composition; most of them formed in fractionated nebular systems. Local chemical variations caused by both depletion and enrichment in dust relative to gas were commonplace in the solar nebula. Local variations of nebular pressure were, in general, in the range of ~10−4 − 6×10−6 bar. Short-lived temperature excursions might have exceeded 2000 K, with the sustained temperatures in the 16O-rich nebular source regions of CAIs and AOAs being in the range of 1230-1350 K. Silicate melts might have been temporarily stable in nebular source regions heavily enriched in dust.

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