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Paper: Heating of Chondritic Materials in Solar Nebula Shocks
Volume: 341, Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk
Page: 849
Authors: Desch, S.J.; Ciesla, F.J.; Hood, L.L.; Nakamoto, T.
Abstract: Many solids in the early Solar System, especially chondrules, were thermally processed in transient heating events. One proposed mechanism is passage of these solids through shock waves in the gas of the protoplanetary disk. In this chapter, we discuss some newly suggested sources of nebular shocks, and the physical conditions associated with them. We review progress in the last decade in understanding the physics of thermal processing of solids in shocks. Key factors in the thermal histories of solids are identified, including: a proper treatment of the transfer of infrared radiation emitted by solids and the emission of infrared line radiation by gas molecules. We compare the predictions of the shock-heating model with measurements of chondrules, and we conclude that chondrules very likely were melted in nebular shocks. We discuss the effects of chondrule-melting shocks on other solids.
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