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Paper: The Young Magnetic O Star θ1 Ori C: Multi-phase Chandra Grating Spectra
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 289
Authors: Oksala, M.E.; Gagne, M.; Cohen, D.H.; Tonnesen, S.K.; ud-Doula, A.; Owocki, S.P.; Townsend, R.H.D.; MacFarlane, J.J.
Abstract: Chandra high-energy grating spectra of the oblique magnetic rotator θ1 Ori C (O6 V) obtained at four rotational phases, corresponding to four different viewing angles with respect to the magnetic axis, are used to constrain the temperature, spatial location, and kinematics of the hot plasma on this very young hot star with a strong (1100 G) dipole field. The plasma is moving but only at speeds of a few 100 km s−1, much slower than the terminal wind velocity. It is close to the star (r ≤ 1.8 R*) and hot (peak temperature ~30 MK). We analyze these diagnostics in conjuction with new 2D MHD simulations of the magnetically channeled wind shock mechanism on θ1 Ori C. This model fits the data surprisingly well, reproducing the very high temperatures, relatively narrow lines, overall emission measure, and location of the X-ray emitting plasma.
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