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Paper: Disks and Peculiar Abundances in a Variety of Hot Stars
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 191
Authors: Jura, M.
Abstract: At least three different classes of hot stars exhibit peculiar surface abundances which can be attributed to accretion from circumstellar dusty rings or disks. In objects with luminosities greater than 10 LSolar, such as the evolved binary, the Red Rectangle, or the A-type main-sequence star, λ Boo, there appears to be accretion of gas without dust. For the low luminosity (L = 2.4 × 10−3 LSolar) DA white dwarf, G29-38, there appears to be a dusty ring without much gas, reminiscent of Saturn's rings. Accretion from this ring appears to be detectable in the star's photosphere.
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