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Paper: Magnetic Fields of B and Herbig Ae Stars Measured with FORS1 at the VLT
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 236
Authors: Hubrig, S.; Szeifert, T.; North, P.; Schoeller, M.; Yudin, R.V.
Abstract: We present the results of a magnetic survey with FORS 1 in polarimetric mode of a sample of B and Herbig Ae stars with previously undetected magnetic fields. For the first time a mean longitudinal magnetic field at a level higher than 3 σ has been detected in one normal B star, two HgMn stars, one PGa star and four SPB stars. The observations of the three Herbig Ae stars (also known as Vega-like stars) reveal a definite longitudinal magnetic field in the star HD139614 at 4.8 σ level: <Bz> = −450 ± 93G. This is the largest magnetic field ever diagnosed for a Herbig Ae star. A hint of a magnetic field is found in the other two stars, HD144432 and HD144668, for which magnetic fields are measured at the ~1.6 σ and ~2.5 σ level respectively.
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