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Paper: A Small Magellanic Cloud UXOR Star
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 231
Authors: de Wit, W.J.; Beaulieu, J.P.; Brillant, S.
Abstract: We present VLT/UVES spectra of an object in the Small Magellanic Cloud that displays photometric UXOR behaviour. The spectra cover a period of 9 months. Based on its photometric variability and its minor infrared excess this object has been proposed to be in its pre-main sequence phase, like the Galactic UXOR stars. The star provides therefore the first opportunity to spectroscopically measure pre-main sequence accretion events in an extragalactic object at a tenth of the solar metallicity. The set of 8 spectra show strong variability in the hydrogen and metallic lines, but they do not seem to support an accretion scenario.
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