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Paper: Diagnostics of Disks Around Hot Stars
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 59
Authors: Cohen, D.H.; Hanson, M.M.; Townsend, R.H.D.; Bjorkman, K.S.; Gagne, M.
Abstract: We discuss three different observational diagnostics related to disks around hot stars: absorption line determinations of rotational velocities of Be stars; polarization diagnostics of circumstellar disks; and X-ray line diagnostics of one specific magnetized hot star, θ1 Ori C. Some common themes that emerge from these studies include (a) the benefits of having a specific physical model as a framework for interpreting diagnostic data; (b) the importance of combining several different types of observational diagnostics of the same objects; and (c) that while there is often the need to reinterpret traditional diagnostics in light of new theoretical advances, there are many new and powerful diagnostics that are, or will soon be, available for the study of disks around hot stars.
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