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Paper: Properties of Stellar Trajectories in Numerical Dynamical Models of Open Stellar Clusters
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 183
Authors: Danilov, V.M.; Leskov, Ye.V.
Abstract: Stellar trajectories in models of open star clusters (OCs) that are nonstationary in the regular field were investigated. Estimates of the maximum Lyapunov characteristic exponent λ of stellar trajectories in OC models were performed. Averaged λ values in considered cluster models are approximately equal to <λ> ≈ 1 Myr.-1. Cluster cores are the regions of high stochasticity and haloes are the regions of more ordered motions. Values of <λ> and sizes of the region of high stochasticity in a cluster core increase with increasing of the density of cluster model. Fourier analysis of stellar trajectories in considered cluster models was performed. Distributions of stellar trajectories on periods of their motions with the most power spectrum value in a cluster were constructed. The “peaks” with periods corresponding (or close) to the periods commensurable with the period of the system regular field oscillations are displayed on these distributions.
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