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Paper: Kinematics of Stars in Old Open Cluster M67
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 163
Authors: Loktin, A.V.
Abstract: Preliminary results of the investigation of the kinematics of stars in open cluster M67 are discussed. This study is performed on the basis of star proper motions from a joint catalogue prepared for M67 cluster field. Cluster probable members are extracted by the use of modified Sanders method and photometric criteria. This provided us the sample of 484 probable cluster members. Radial dependence of mean radial component of stars proper motions on radius shows that most of the dependence can be attributed to the geometrical effect of convergence to radiant. Neither halo nor core of the cluster experience statistically significant expansion or contraction. Mean tangential components of proper motions reveal some hints on rotation of cluster core, but the rotation of halo is undetectable. Some properties of velocity dispersions of cluster stars are considered.
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