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Paper: The Phenomenon of Double Star 61 Cygni: Some Hypothesis on Its Satellites
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 158
Authors: Gorshanov, D.L.; Shakht, N.A.; Kisselev, A.A.; Polyakov, E.V.
Abstract: The double star 61 Cygni is known as one with a probable dark satellite. The results of photographic observations with 26" refractor at Pulkovo observatory (1958—1997) consisted 240 plates with about 3600 individual positions and 39 normal places with mean error of one place equaled 0.008" are given. A small periodic wave in relative distances projected in RA and noticed by Deutsch & Orlova (1977) on the basis of Pulkovo observations remains in these observations which now have been completed by new data. This wave has the period and amplitude equaled 6.5 yr and 0.010" รท 0.020" correspondly. A hypothesis on a satellite with the mass near 0.01 Solar masses is discussed. Also some alternative explanations of these fluctuations with the attraction of control double stars series and with the suppositions about changes of the instrumental parameters are tested.

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