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Paper: The TexOx Survey: Using Radio Signposts to Find Intermediate Redshift Galaxy Clusters
Volume: 240, Gas and Galaxy Evolution: A Conference in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the VLA
Page: 642
Authors: Gay, P. L.; Hill, G. J.; Rawlings, S.; Croft, S. D.
Abstract: The Texas-Oxford (TexOx) Cluster (TOC) Survey has found more than 10 previously unknown galaxy clusters and cluster candidates in the first of three fields that it is surveying. These clusters form a unique sample of ``radio-active" clusters: clusters rich in powerful radio sources. Searches for radio-rich clusters in known clusters reveal that roughly 3-4% of the intermediate redshift galaxy cluster population are radio-active. A higher fraction (19%) of Butcher-Oemler clusters are radio-active.
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