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Paper: Molecular Gas in Cluster Cooling Flows
Volume: 240, Gas and Galaxy Evolution: A Conference in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the VLA
Page: 567
Authors: Edge, A. C.
Abstract: We present detections of CO line emission in the central galaxies of sixteen extreme cooling flow clusters using the new A3i receiver on the 15 m James Clark Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) and the 30 m telescope of the Institut de RadioAstronomie Millimétrique (IRAM). These detections of CO(1->0), CO(3->2), and CO(4->3) are consistent with the presence of a substantial mass of warm molecular gas (>1010 Msolar) within 50 kpc radius of the central galaxy. We present limits on eight other galaxies in similarly extreme cooling flow clusters. These results are consistent with the presence of a massive starburst in the central galaxy which warms a population of cold gas clouds producing optical and near infrared emission lines and
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