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Paper: HIPASS Results on the Gaseous Environments of Galaxies
Volume: 240, Gas and Galaxy Evolution: A Conference in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the VLA
Page: 427
Authors: Staveley-Smith, L.; Marquarding, M.; Kilborn, V. A.; Webster, R. L.
Abstract: The gaseous content and environment of nearby galaxies is explored using recent data from the HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS). This paper looks at recent results relating to the HI mass content of the local Universe, the optical luminosity function of an HI-selected sample of galaxies, and the HI environment of the Milky Way. In the South Celestial Cap region, the HI density is ~ 6× 107 Msolar Mpc-3, less than 10% of which is contributed by galaxies in the mass range 5× 106 < MHI < 108 Msolar. On a larger scale, the distribution of galaxies towards and around the Great Attractor reveals an over-density ~ 0.5, somewhat below that predicted by POTENT reconstructions of the peculiar velocity field.
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