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Paper: Metallicity of the Monoceros Stream from A/F-type Stars
Volume: 336, COSMIC ABUNDANCES as Records of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert
Page: 371
Authors: Wilhelm, R.; Beers, T.C.; Allende Prieto, C.; Newberg, H.J.; Yanny, B.
Abstract: We have obtained metallicity estimates for a sample of A/F-type stars that appear to be members of the recently discovered Monoceros Stream. This sample of candidate main-sequence turn-off stars was chosen from the Sloan Digitized Sky Survey southern program spectra. The average metallicity, < [Fe/H] > = −1.37 ± 0.04, is consistent with the abundance of six suspected Monoceros Stream globular clusters and with that of the metal-weak thick disk. There is some suggestion that the Monoceros turn-off stars are younger than the oldest population of stream globular clusters.
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