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Paper: Asymmetric Supernovae: New Physics and Implications for Nucleosynthesis
Volume: 336, COSMIC ABUNDANCES as Records of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert
Page: 247
Authors: Wheeler, J.C.; Hoflich, P.; Gerardy, C.; Akiyama, S.; Marion, G.H.
Abstract: Spectropolarimetry has proven to be a powerful new tool to explore supernovae and point the way to new insights into explosive nucleosynthesis. NIR spectroscopy has also opened a new, yet ill-explored, window on supernovae and this, also, may be giving new clues to nucleosynthesis. Spectropolarimetry has shown that core collapse is routinely and substantially asymmetric and that Type Ia thermonuclear explosions are less so, but still asymmetric at an interesting level. A combination of optical and NIR spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry have given new hints about the nature of the binary companions of Type Ia and of new channels of nucleosynthesis.
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