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Paper: Probing Neutral Gas in Radio Sources with 0.2<z<1
Volume: 240, Gas and Galaxy Evolution: A Conference in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the VLA
Page: 64
Authors: Pihlström, Y. M.; Conway, J. E.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Taylor, G. B.
Abstract: To increase the statistics of high redshift sources with associated HI absorption, a survey to detect redshifted HI in northern sky sources is being performed using the WSRT. The recent upgrade of the WSRT enables studies of the redshifted 21 cm HI line for 0.2<z<1.0. Here we report on results from three subsamples of this survey. We have discovered HI in 3 out of 14 compact radio sources, 1 of 5 larger FR II radio galaxies, and 0 of 14 quasars.
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