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Paper: Extended C IV Gaseous Envelopes Surrounding Galaxies at z<1
Volume: 240, Gas and Galaxy Evolution: A Conference in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the VLA
Page: 37
Authors: Chen, H.; Lanzetta, K. M.; Webb, J. K.
Abstract: We present results of an analysis to study the association between galaxies and C IV absorption systems observed in the spectra of background QSOs at z<1. Our primary conclusions are: (1) C IV absorption systems trace extended gaseous envelopes of individual galaxies; (2) galaxies of a range of morphological type and luminosity appear to possess extended C IV gaseous envelopes of ≈100 h-1 kpc and of unit covering factor; and (3) the extent of C IV gaseous envelopes around galaxies scales with galaxy B-band luminosity as R∝ LB0.5± 0.1 but does not depend strongly on galaxy mean surface brightness, redshift, or morphological type. The most significant implication of the study is that most and perhaps all galaxies are surrounded by metal-enriched gas that extends to at least ≈ 100 h-1 kpc.
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