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Paper: On the Origin of Sulfur
Volume: 336, COSMIC ABUNDANCES as Records of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert
Page: 355
Authors: Ryde, N.; Lambert, D.L.
Abstract: We present our work on the halo evolution of sulfur, based on observations of the S I lines around 9220 Å for ten stars for which the S abundance was obtained previously from much weaker S I lines at 8694 Å. We cannot confirm the rise and the high [S/Fe] abundances for low [Fe/H], as claimed in the literature from analysis of the 8694 Å lines. The reasons for claims of an increase in [S/Fe] with decreasing [Fe/H] are probably twofold: uncertainties in the measurements of the weak 8694 Å lines, and systematic errors in metallicity determinations from Fe I lines. The near-infrared sulfur triplet at 9212.9, 9228.1, and 9237.5 Å are preferred for an abundance analysis of sulfur for metal-poor stars. Our work was presented in full by Ryde & Lambert (2004).
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