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Paper: New r-process Enhanced Stars Found in the HK-II Survey
Volume: 336, COSMIC ABUNDANCES as Records of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in honor of David L. Lambert
Page: 351
Authors: Rhee, J.; Ivans, I.I.; McWilliam, A.
Abstract: We have initiated a program to obtain high-resolution spectroscopy for very metal-poor giant stars newly discovered from the HK-II survey, and performed pilot observations with KPNO 4m/Échelle & Magellan 6.5m/ MIKE in May 2004. We report on the result of the initial analysis for 6 spectra with S/N > 55 per pixel at 4130 Å (Eu II). Although the eventual goal is to study comprehensive abundance patterns of α, iron-peak, r-process, and s-process elements for the stars, we focus on an r-process element abundance [Eu/Fe] as the first step. A preliminary analysis indicates that we may have newly discovered a highly r-process enhanced metal-poor star, II 16033-02187, a giant with [Fe/H] = −2.48 and [Eu/Fe] = +1.6, and two moderately r-process-enhanced metal-poor stars, II 16552-07661/II 16552-04461, giants with [Fe/H] = −1.75/−1.98 and [Eu/Fe] = +0.9/+0.7.
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