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Paper: Towards a Formation of the Solar System by Gravitational Instability in a Disk of Rarely Colliding Planetesimals
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 139
Authors: Griv, E.
Abstract: During the early evolution of a protoplanetary rotationally flattened gas—dust disk it is believed that the dust particles coagulate into numerous kilometer-sized rocky planetesimals. The dynamics of a three-dimensional disk of mutually gravitating and rarely colliding planetesimals is investigated. N-body simulations of a gravitational Jeans-type instability of small gravity disturbances for such a system are presented. The possibility of obtaining the Titius—Bode “law” of planetary distances on the basis of the concept of Jeans instability in sufficiently flat, rapidly rotating, and gravitationally unstable systems is examined.

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