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Paper: Metastable Trajectories in Free-Fall Three-Body Problem
Volume: 316, Order and Chaos in Stellar and Planetary Systems
Page: 70
Authors: Orlov, V.; Petrova, A.; Rubinov, A.; Martynova, A.
Abstract: We consider the free-fall equal-mass three-body problem. The dynamical evolution of about 300,000 triple systems was considered. We found about 9,000 triple systems where the motions are limited within a finite region during a long time. These regions are concentrated to the zones of regular motions in the vicinities of stable periodic orbits. Such triple systems were named as metastable. Triple system leaves the metastable regime after some time and its evolution is ended by escape of one body. The set of initial configurations corresponding to metastable systems occupies a whole homology region, besides the zones of fast escapes. The structure of this set is rather complicated. In particular, there are some fractal clumps of initial configurations corresponding to metastable systems.
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