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Paper: Shaping Planetary Nebulae and Related Objects
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 562
Authors: Soker, N.
Abstract: I review some open questions and other aspects concerning the shaping of planetary nebulae (PNs) and related objects. I attribute the non-spherical structures of PNs to binary companions, stellar or substellar. I emphasize the role of jets (or collimated fast wind: CFW) blown by an accreting stellar companion in shaping bipolar PNs and some related objects, and discuss the limited role of magnetic fields. I speculate that some stars which are leaving the asymptotic giant branch, i.e., becoming hotter, possess long-term (10-1000 years) oscillations; these may be related to semi-periodic concentric rings. I end with a list of objects whose shaping is related to the shaping processes of PNs, from young stellar objects to clusters of galaxies. An extended version of this paper can be found on astro-ph/0309228.
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