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Paper: A 46 Field BIMA Mosaic of Multiple Outflows in Orion
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 368
Authors: Williams, J. P.; Plambeck, R. L.; Heyer, M. H.
Abstract: We present a large scale, high resolution, map of the CO(1--0) emission along the Orion ridge containing the OMC2/3 star-forming regions. A mosaic of 46 individual fields were made in each of the compact C and D arrays with the BIMA interferometer to create a map spanning 10' × 14' at ~10'' resolution. The map was then combined with singledish FCRAO data to fill in the missing flux at spatial scales larger than the ~2' BIMA primary beam. The resulting dataset offers a spectacular view of the structure and dynamics of the molecular gas from scales ~0.02 pc to ~ 1.5 pc. We determine the total energy and momentum input into the cloud and, by resolving the maze of outflows in this region, we identify the driving sources and look for correlations between outflow and source properties.
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