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Paper: Mosaicing the SNR G21. 5-0.9 with the BIMA Array
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 362
Authors: Bock, D. C.-J.; Wright, M. C. H.; Dickel, J. R.
Abstract: We used the BIMA array to map the extended Crab-type supernova remnant G21.5 - 0.9 at 90 and 110 GHz. The data were combined in a multi-frequency synthesis to form a well-sampled image at mean frequency 94 GHz with 4'' × 8'' angular resolution. This new BIMA image was compared with images at 5 and 22 GHz to look for structures corresponding to the spectral break seen in the integrated flux density. In the absence of electronic data at 5 GHz, we integrated the flux density in elliptical annuli in each map. The images are very similar, and within the experimental uncertainties show no evidence for a spectral break which is a function of radius. Thus our results do not indicate any local variations on scales larger than our synthesized beam in the acceleration of relativistic particles emitting at radio wavelengths.
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