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Paper: R&D of Visualization Tools for Aperture Synthesis Observations
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 352
Authors: Badia, F.; Caillat, M.; Viallefond, F.
Abstract: We developped visualization tools at the Observatoire of Paris-Meudon during the period 1992/1995. These tools were designed to take full advantage of the great flexibility in handling multi-dimensional data in the GIPSY environment (the ``polycristaline'' data structure). They were developped using MOTIF. Three main tools were developped and are used daily, mostly to analyse real or simulated radio data, 3VIEW a multi-dimensional slicer, MVIEW based on the display of mosaics of 2D images and FFTVIEW, a tool to inspect and analyse images together with their Fourier transforms. All these three applications have innovative features. They proved to be efficient to find in large data bases peculiar features and to diagnose instrumental errors in interferometric data bases. MVIEW has been more recently upgraded to display 2D wavelet-transformed images. We are currently enhancing 3VIEW to display OTF single-dish observations in quasi-real time as they come from a single-dish. Our experience with such developments can be used to contribute in defining specifications which will be required to display and analyse data from new generation arrays such as ALMA.
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