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Paper: Multi Field Imaging with the OVRO Millimeter Array
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 283
Authors: Testi, L.; Sargent, A. I.
Abstract: Most of the stars that populate the disk of the Galaxy are formed in dense clusters. In order to constrain cluster formation theories high resolution millimeter wavelengths observations of cluster-forming molecular cores are required. Current millimeter wave interferometers offer both the required spatial resolution and sensitivity to search for compact structures in cluster forming cores. Given the relatively small field of view of a single-pointing mm-array synthesis map, multi-field imaging is required in order to map the entire cores. In this talk we review the approach that we have used to define the observational strategy and the data analysis for the 3mm continuum and spectral line OVRO observations of cluster-forming cores. Results of the 50-fields imaging of the Serpens star-forning core are presented (Testi & Sargent 1998). Limitations and future prospects of the application of these techniques to the study of young protoclusters are discussed.
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