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Paper: SCUBA Observing Techniques and Data Reduction Pipeline
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 205
Authors: Jenness, T.; Lightfoot, J. F.; Holland, W. S.; Greaves, J. S.; Economou, F.
Abstract: The arrival of the Submillimetre Common-User Bolometer Array (SCUBA) presented JCMT with data reduction requirements that are very different from our previous experience with continuum observing. A description of the current SCUBA observing modes and data reduction techniques will be presented with particular emphasis on the scan (raster) mapping and imaging polarimetry observing modes, sky-noise removal, and the new data reduction pipeline that was released in March 1999. The data reduction pipeline can automatically reduce an entire night of data including extinction correction, flux calibration and coadding.
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