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Paper: NOBA (NObeyama Bolometer Array)
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 124
Authors: Kuno, N.; Matsuo, H.; Sakamoto, A.
Abstract: NOBA is seven element bolometer array developed for the 45-m telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) using AC bridge readout method (Kuno et al. 1993). Although NOBA was developed for 150 GHz observations, it can be used at higher frequency by changing band pass filters. We purchased the filters for 230 GHz observations and have started test observations. The sensitivity at 150 GHz and 230 GHz are about 45 mJy &surd;{s} and about 200 mJy &surd;{s}, respectively, under good sky condition. The beam size and beam separation are 12 arcsec and 16 arcsec, respectively, at both 150 GHz and 230 GHz. Therefore, we can get two band images with the same angular resolution, although we can not get them simultaneously because we have to change the filters. Furthermore, BEARS (SIS 25-BEam Array Receiver System) which can be used at the frequency range of 84-116 GHz are being developed at NRO. These array systems mounted on the NRO 45-m telescope are useful to get multi-band images with high angular resolution. We present the first results of 230GHz observations with NOBA.
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