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Paper: Plans for a Second Generation 350 Micron Camera for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 105
Authors: Dowell, C. D.; Moseley, S. H., Jr.; Phillips, T. G.
Abstract: Development of a new facility 350 micron camera ('SHARC II') for the CSO is underway. The camera will feature a 6 x 32 pop-up bolometer array built at NASA-GSFC and will replace the existing SHARC (Wang et al. 1996). The detector will be cooled to 0.3K, and the optics will be optimized for operation at 350 microns. The pixels will sub-sample the diffraction pattern of the CSO with a pixel spacing of approximately 5 arcsec (0.7 λ /D). The preliminary design of the camera optics achieves a Strehl ratio of >= 90% over the field of view. Electronic sky-subtraction coupled with a DC stable readout will allow observations in "staring" or "on-the-fly" modes with a very slow chop (<= 1 Hz) or no chop at all. The expected point-source sensitivity of SHARC II in excellent weather is ~0.5 Jy Hz-1/2, an improvement of a factor of 2 over SHARC (Benford et al. 1999). We briefly discuss the science goals of SHARC II, which include observations of high-redshift galaxies and mapping of Galactic clouds with high fidelity.
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