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Paper: Millimeter and Submillimeter On-the-Fly Mapping of S106
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 94
Authors: Schneider, N.; Kramer, C.; Simon, R.
Abstract: The whole molecular cloud associated with the prominent bipolar HII region S106 was mapped in the 12CO J = 3 to 2 line with the KOSMA 3m radiotelescope in Switzerland, using the recently introduced 'On-the-Fly' observing mode. The observations indicate that the cloud extends across an area of 20 ' × 25 ' with a region of high level CO emission (10 ' × 5 ') around the star S106 IR, the excitation source for the HII gas. The latter area was mapped at higher angular resolution (up to 11 '') also in an 'On-the-Fly' procedure in isotopomeric CO 1 to 0 and 2 to 1 lines, using the IRAM 30m telescope. In this poster, we will discuss our experiences with the OTF-mapping procedures at KOSMA and IRAM, including observational requirements and restrictions, mapping efficiency and problems. Furthermore, we will present a preliminary analysis of the CO maps obtained at these telescopes.
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