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Paper: A Galactic Plane 13CO Survey
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 80
Authors: Lee, Y.; Kim, H. G.; Moon, D.-S.; Stark, A. A.
Abstract: We present a Galactic plane survey in the J = 1-0 transition of 13CO using the 7-m telescope (beamsize of 100'') at Bell Laboratories. The range of survey is (l, b) = (5° ~ 117°, -1° ~+1°, comprising about 224 square degrees. A total of ~ 56,000 spectra has been obtained with a grid spacing of 3' for |b| < 0.5° region, and 6' for |b| < 0.5° during hundreds of days of observing over the ten-year period. The entire mapped region was resampled into 3' -grid. The velocity range is -127 to 147 km/s-1 with a 0.68 km/s-1 resolution. The rms noise level of the survey is ~ 0.1 K in 0.68 km/s -1 channels. In addition, the 13CO survey of the Galactic Center region (Bally et al. 1987) is included: (l, b) = (-5° ~5°, -0.6° ~+0.6°). In this In addition, we include the 13CO survey of the Galactic Center region (Bally and Stark 1987): (l, b) = (5° ~ -5°, -0.6° ~+0.6°). In poster, we present the first results of 13CO Galactic plane survey, including integrated intensity, spatial-velocity maps, and preliminary statistical analyses.
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