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Paper: The Leiden/Dwingeloo and Villa-Elisa All-Sky Galactic HI Survey
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 58
Authors: Hartmann, D.
Abstract: The Leiden/Dwingeloo survey of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen was published in 1997 (Hartmann & Burton 1997). It covers the sky north of δ = -30°, sampled with the 36 arcmin beam of the Dwingeloo 25-m radio telescope. The velocity coverage is -450 <= vLSR <= +400 kms at 1 kms channel spacing, and the 1-σ sensitivity is better than 0.07 K. The contribution of stray radiation was calculated for each individual profile and removed prior to the 'standard' data reduction. At high galactic latitudes, stray radiation can amount to 50% of the total emission observed. Observations for the southern sky were recently completed. The 30-m radio telescope of the IAR in Villa-Elisa, Argentina, was used to map the sky south of δ = -25°, with nearly identical observational parameters to those of the L/D survey. We are currently in the process of correcting these spectra for stray radiation. The combination of both efforts will amount to an all-sky dataset of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen that supersedes previous surveys by at least an order of magnitude in one or more observational parameters. Details will be presented of the observing strategies, and the data reduction techniques will be described, with strong emphasis on the method of stray-radiation removal.
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