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Paper: Laser Micromaching of THz Imaging Arrays
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 46
Authors: Drouet D'Aubigny, C. Y.; Walker, C. K.; Groppi, C. E.; Narayanan, G.
Abstract: One of the main obstacles encountered in designing low noise, high efficiency, heterodyne receivers and local oscillator sources at submillimeter wavelengths is the quality and cost of waveguide structures. At wavelengths shorter than 400 micrometers, rectangular waveguide structures, feedhorns, and backshorts become extremely difficult to fabricate using standard machining techniques. Laser micromachining is an alternative technology for fabricating high quality, THz waveguide components and feedhorns. Under computer control, the entire waveguide structure (including the corrugated feedhorn!) of a submillimeter-wave mixer or multiplier can be fabricated to micrometer tolerances in a few hours. Laser etching permits the direct scaling of successful waveguide multiplier and mixer designs to THz frequencies. The process can also be used to fabricate necessary quasi-optical components (e.g. AR grooved silicon lenses and LO phase gratings). With laser micromachining, the construction of high performance waveguide array receivers at THz frequencies becomes tractable. In our poster we will describe the laser micromachining system now under construction at Steward Observatory and our plans to fabricate proof-of-concept 810 GHz and 1.5 THz arrays.
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