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Paper: Imaging with the Green Bank Telescope
Volume: 217, Imaging at Radio Through Submillimeter Wavelengths
Page: 9
Authors: Jewell, P. R.
Abstract: The Green Bank Telescope construction is scheduled for completion at the end of 1999 and will be commissioned during 2000. The GBT is a 100m diameter, clear-aperture telescope that will operate from ~100 MHz to 115 GHz. The GBT has an active surface and a novel laser metrology system designed for closed-loop control of the surface figure and the absolute positioning of the telescope on the sky. The GBT will be a general-purpose telescope designed for spectral line, continuum, pulsar, and VLBI observations. It should be particularly capable as an imaging instrument: it has a wide field-of-view at the Gregorian focus, its clear-aperture design will give a very clean beam, and its large collecting area will give high sensitivity to both point source and extended, low-brightness emission. This poster will describe the general performance characteristics of the GBT and some of the imaging instrumentation anticipated. We are still in the planning stages for future imaging instrumentation -- ideas and requests are invited.
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