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Paper: CDS Services; recent Developments
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 691
Authors: Genova, F.; Bonnarel, F.; Dubois, P.; Egret, D.; Fernique, P.; Jasniewicz, G.; Lesteven, S.; Ochsenbein, F.; Wenger, M.
Abstract: The services presented by the Centre de données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) are demonstrated: Simbad, the reference database for nomenclature and bibliography of astronomical objects, the VizieR catalogue browser, the Aladin image server, the CDS bibliographical services and the Dictionary of Nomenclature. Recent developments include links from Simbad and VizieR to images of the sky (Aladin), links to external data archive and services (IUE, HEASARC, NED), a new implementation of the resource discovery service AstroGlu. A tool to query and check the service profiles, and a XML formatting for data exchange will also be shown.
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