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Paper: The ROOT Object Oriented Framework to Analyze INTEGRAL Data
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 687
Authors: Rohlfs, R.; O'Neel, B.
Abstract: The Integral Science Data Centre (ISDC), located near Geneva, Switzerland, is building a software system to receive, analyze and visualize the data from the INTEGRAL satellite which launches in 2001. The ISDC decided to use the ROOT package developed at CERN for data display. ROOT consists of a C++ interpreter, a huge scientific C++ library and a file structure to archive objects. The C++ interpreter of ROOT will be used at ISDC as a scripting language to call other programs, for example FTOOLS, to start analysis scripts and to display the results with the built-in graphical classes. The classes in the ROOT C++ library are used to build on- and off-line applications with graphical user interfaces and graphics. The scientific and housekeeping data of the INTEGRAL satellite will be displayed using a wide range of different types of graphs. The GUIs of ROOT are used to select the data to be displayed by time, by data type and by their meta data.
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