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Paper: Software for Geodynamical Researches Used in the LSGER IAA
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 632
Authors: Malkin, Z. M.; Voinov, A. V.; Skurikhina, E. A.
Abstract: Software used in the Laboratory of Space Geodesy and Earth Rotation (LSGER) of the Institute of Applied Astronomy (IAA) of the Russian Academy of Sciences for computation of geodynamical products: Earth Orientation Parameters (EOP) and station coordinates (TRF) based on observations of space geodesy techniques (VLBI, SLR) is described. The principal software components used for these investigations are GROSS for processing of SLR observations; Bernese for processing of GPS observations; OCCAM for processing of VLBI observations; and software for data exchange.
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