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Paper: DIRT: The Dust InfraRed Toolbox
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 628
Authors: Pound, M. W.; Wolfire, M. G.; Mundy, L. G.; Teuben, P. J.; Lord, S.
Abstract: We present DIRT, a Java applet geared toward modeling a variety of processes in envelopes of young and evolved stars. Users can automatically and efficiently search grids of pre-calculated models to fit their data. A large set of physical parameters and dust types are included in the model database, which contains over 500,000 models. The computing cluster for the database is described in the accompanying paper by Teuben et al. (2000). A typical user query will return about 50-100 models, which the user can then interactively filter as a function of 8 model parameters (e.g., extinction, size, flux, luminosity). A flexible, multi-dimensional plotter (Figure 1) allows users to view the models, rotate them, tag specific parameters with color or symbol size, and probe individual model points. For any given model, auxiliary plots such as dust grain properties, radial intensity profiles, and the flux as a function of wavelength and beamsize can be viewed. The user can fit observed data to several models simultaneously and see the results of the fit; the best fit is automatically selected for plotting. The URL for this project is
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