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Paper: Elements of The Chandra Data Analysis System
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 603
Authors: Noble, M. S.
Abstract: The Chandra X-Ray Observatory was launched on July 23, 1999, with the first public release of the data analysis system (CIAO: Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations) made availabile on October 4, 1999. This paper presents several of the more novel components of CIAO, including FirstLook, FilterWindow, ChIPS, Prism, and ToolAgent. The functionality is discussed in the context of two issues plaguing modern software - increasing complexity and insufficient reuse - and what approaches were taken with CIAO to mitigate the situation. Chief among these are intuitive GUIs, a thoughtful commingling of both GUI and command line tools, and the development of homogeneous interfaces to libraries and applications already in wide use.
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