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Paper: New Image Quick-Look System for Subaru Telescope Data Archive
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 482
Authors: Hamabe, M.; Taga, M.; Aoki, W.; Yasuda, N.; Takata, T.; Ichikawa, S.-I.; Baba, H.; Ozawa, T.; Watanabe, M.; Horaguchi, T.
Abstract: We present an image quick-look system adopted for the Subaru telescope data archive system (STARS). The quick-look image is based on a data format which is defined within the FITS framework and enables us to store several pieces of information derived from the original (raw) image together with the compressed image. The quick-look image is produced at the base facility at Hilo soon after the observation data are transferred from the summit. Archive users can browse the quick-look image and spectra/profiles with their preferred image format and resolution.
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