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Paper: ORAC: 21st Century Observing at UKIRT
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 467
Authors: Bridger, A.; Wright, G. S.; Tan, M.; Pickup, D. A.; Economou, F.; Currie, M. J.; Adamson, A. J.; Rees, N. P.; Purves, M. H.
Abstract: The Observatory Reduction and Acquisition Control system replaces all of the existing software which interacts with the observers at UKIRT. The aim is to improve observing efficiency with a set of integrated tools that take the user from pre-observing preparation, through the acquisition of observations to the reduction using a data-driven pipeline. ORAC is designed to be flexible and extensible, and is intended for use with all future UKIRT instruments, as well as existing telescope hardware and ``legacy'' instruments. It is also designed to allow integration with phase-1 and queue-scheduled observing tools in anticipation of possible future requirements. A brief overview of the project and its relationship to other systems is given. ORAC also re-uses much code from other systems and we discuss issues relating to the trade-off between reuse and the generation of new software specific to our requirements.
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