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Paper: Data Quality Control at the Very Large Telescope
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 461
Authors: Ballester, P.; Dorigo, D.; DisarĂ², A.; Pizarro de La Iglesia, J. A.; Modigliani, A.
Abstract: Conducting service observing at large ground-based observatories like the Very Large Telescope profits from delivering standard data products to the users. The operational applications needed to quantatively assess the VLT calibration and science data are provided by the VLT Quality Control system. The Quality Control system is needed to cope with the the large data volumes produced by VLT observations, the geographical distribution of data handling, and the parallelism of observations performed with the different VLT unit telescopes and instruments. The Quality Control system includes three main components: the calibration database is a distributed system for collecting and processing pipeline calibration data before storage in the VLT Archive. The McCreator application allows the operation teams to prepare calibration reference data and control the instrument performance.
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