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Paper: The Chandra Xray Center Data Archive Interfaces
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 457
Authors: Estes, A. N.; Duprie, K.; Harbo, P.; Pak, K.; Zografou, P.
Abstract: The Chandra data archive at the Chandra Xray Center supports automatic pipeline processing via exchange of data and other information. The archive notifies automatic processing about events which change its contents and should trigger processing of an observation. It supports retrieval and ingestion of pipeline input and output data products and provides ancillary data in the form of dynamically generated parameter files. The data archive provides interfaces to access these data products and their associated metadata locally and by the Web. This paper presents the notification mechanism which uses a specially developed server and a number of database triggers. The client interface for data products exchange is also presented, as is the mechanism to generate parameters for a pipeline run and store their updated values as returned by the pipeline for subsequent retrieval at higher levels of processing. In addition, the mechanism for the public access of the data files and metadata via the Web is described.
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