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Paper: Observation Interval Determination for the Chandra X-ray Observatory
Volume: 216, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IX
Page: 449
Authors: Adams, N. R.; McElroy, D. L.; Evans, I. N.
Abstract: Connecting the planned observations and the actual status of the Chandra X-ray Observatory is the observation interval determination pipeline (OBIDET). This collection of tools allows the Chandra X-Ray Center Data System automated processing to process the data through the necessary pipelines based on what was actually observed. The information created by OBIDET is utilized in the creation of the mission time line, and the good time intervals. OBIDET products are also contributors to the verification and validation of the automated processing. We discuss here the data and methods used in the determination of the obi element intervals. The calculation of the overall time of the observation is described. We then go into detail on how the actual configuration is compared with the planned observation and how the tools determine which obi element should guide the data processing.
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